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Our Augers are the best on the market

Auger Torques unique Shock Lock™ Tooth Locking System, guarantees you will never lose your auger teeth when reversing your auger

  • Built from high grade steel
  • Heavy duty tubes & constant spiral cut
  • Shallow pitch flights ensure they will cut with maximum efficiency and, most importantly keep the spoil on the flights when removed from the hole.
  • Available with a number of wearpart combinations, catering from soft grounds all the way to mixed rocky grounds and even permafrost.
  • Hubs are 50 & 65 mm round, 2" hex & round 57 & 75 mm square

S4 Range Augers are specifically designed for Mini Loaders, Skid Steer Loaders, Excavators up to 5T & Truck Cranes under 9T

S5 Range Augers Excavators from 4.5 - 8T, Telehandlers, High Flow Skidsteer Loaders, Backhoes and Truck Cranes over 9T

S6 Range -Excavators & Backhoes from 8 - 22T

PA Range - Excavators between 17T and 45T

Phone us to discuss your needs and best options for your choice of teeth & pilot

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