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4 in 1 BUCKETS

The newly designed Norm 4 in 1 Bucket for Skid Steer Loaders features elements to make them stronger and therefore last longer than the already outstanding previous products.

A now time proven and industry proven main pivot section incorporated with other Norm original elements, give strength and durability second to none.

The Norm 4 in 1 Buckets have an extra heavy duty flat floor; which is not only stronger but also allows easy filling and emptying of the Bucket over the conventional hip floor design.

Smaller versions of the 4 in 1 are available for most Mini Loaders, Smaller Skid Steers and Agricultural Tractors on the market.

Buckets are available with a many options including:

  • Different widths
  • Cutting Edges , Reversible cutting Edges
  • Standard Teeth, Keech style Teeth
  • Tilt Control Buckets
  • Loader Style 4 in 1's

Tilting Bucket

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